Use the Latest Technology to Freeze Fat Cells and Increase Circulation

Use the Latest Technology to Freeze Fat Cells and Increase Circulation

Schedule a cryotherapy session in Waseca, MN

You've heard of burning away fat, but have you tried freezing it? At Cassies Classic Cuts, we have the ability harness extremely cold temperatures for use in a variety of skin and beauty applications. Call us today to ask about this latest technology and schedule your appointment for cryotherapy in Waseca, MN.

Wondering how a cryotherapy session works? We use thermoelectric cooling to:

  • Freeze fat tissue quickly to avoid any damage on the skin
  • Lower fat cells to a specific temperature to target only those cells
  • Decrease fat cell mass by up to 40 percent in some cases

Cryotherapy is painless and effective for removing unwanted fat in areas like the stomach, legs, arms and any other trouble spot. Call 507-835-3764 today to set up your cryotherapy session in Waseca, MN.

Improve your appearance with a cryofacial

The same technology that freezes away fat on your body can also be used to rejuvenate your facial tissue. A Cryoskin treatment uses pressurized liquid nitrogen to contract blood vessels and work more blood flow into the area. It has also been shown to increase collagen production, decrease pore size and reduce puffiness.

Get rid of wrinkles and puffiness with a Cryoskin treatment at Cassies Classic Cuts. Contact us today to learn more about our cryotherapy prices and offerings.